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Winner Creative Child Magazine CD of the Year 2019  
National Parenting Award 2019

Spanish Songs is an album for children of all ages. It Includes classics such as “Mamá Yo Quiero,” “Báte Báte Chocoláte” and “Que Llueva” and new originals including “Canción De Color,” “El Alfabeto” and “Me Gusta Tu Cara.” Susie performs with many talented musicians including producer Peter Farnan, Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick and “Cante” by the renowned Flamenco artist, Vicente Griego.


Dancing, singing, water balloons, bright costumes, and puppets set the tone for the highly-entertaining accompanying videos. They are available on YouTube and are designed for kids and parents as well as music and Spanish educators.


Directed by critically-acclaimed actor/director Brendan Fehr (Roswell, Nightshift, Better Call Saul) - who has three daughters of his own; the vibrant musical numbers feature many local children and picturesque locations from Susie’s hometown in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Spanish Songs for Children Learning Spanish is Susie’s 10th children’s album release and her second collection of videos:


“I created this album as a celebration of Spanish culture and our privilege to be a bilingual country. I wanted a joyful way for non-Spanish speakers to access the language, culture and music. “Spanish Songs for Children Learning Spanish” is a collection of easy-to-sing songs that train the ear to recognize Spanish phonetics and basic vocabulary, but also encourage a relaxed approach to practicing a foreign language.”

The album has already received three awards: Parents' Choice Gold Award, Best CD of 2019 from Creative Child Magazine, and the Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center.

01 Que Llueva.mp3
01 Que Llueva.mp3
02 Los Elefantes (Counting Song).mp3
03 Mama Yo Quiero (Mama I Want).mp3
03 Mama Yo Quiero (Mama I Want).mp3
04 Me Gusta Tu Cara (I Like Your Fac.mp3
05 La Tia Monica (Aunt Monica).mp3
06 La Bamba.mp3
07 Pimpon.mp3
08 El Alfabeto (A,b,c Song).mp3
09 Bate, Bate, Chocolate (Rhyme).mp3
10 San Severino.mp3
11 Cancion De Color (Color Song).mp3
12 Arroz Con Leche (Rice With Milk).mp3
13 Doce Meses (Twelve Months).mp3
14 De Colores.mp3
15 Dias De La Semana (Days Of The We.mp3
16 Flamenco.mp3
17 Buenos Dias (Greeting Song).mp3
18 La Cucaracha.mp3
19 Una Rata Vieja (An Old Rat).mp3
20 Guantanamera.mp3

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