Children's Songs

A Collection of Childhood Favorites

Children's Songs contains 38 favorites with a running time of 72 minutes and this latest work will Bingo and Cucaracha its way into the Rock Me Baby Collection.

"As a music teacher I strive to provide the very best recordings for my children. Ms. Tallman's Children's Songs exceeds my high expectations with quality singing and musicianship. Songs are performed in a fun manner that engages children on all levels of creativity. The humorous and witty arrangements entertain parents as well. Children's Songs is sure to become a family favorite."

Shelly Ley, Music Educator, Albuquerque, NM

The playful symphony of guitars, train whistles, banjos, accordions, and even clanging spoons and good ole' people whistling, will delight and inspire little ones as well as their parents. For over an hour of joy, listeners re-discover favorites, and uncover beloved forgotten tunes, in clever new arrangements. From playful to educational – this music is pure magic!

Corrales Elementary singers after recording!






Rock Me Baby Records creates quality music that enriches children at each stage of their childhood development. There are lullabies for sleepy babes (and their exhausted parents); nursery rhymes for little learners; and updated classics for the whole family. Susie Tallman & Friends present traditional songs with a twist; music that connects generations – bridging the years between grandparent, parent and child with song. Our music can easily become the soundtrack to a young child’s life.​

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