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For Parents


What Can You Do as a Parent or Caregiver?

Play music for your baby.

Sing to your baby and with your toddler.

Offer your children a wide repertoire of music and encourage them to listen.

Let your children choose their favorites, but continue to introduce new and different genres and performers.

Find musical opportunities in daily activities:

  • Clean-up songs make chores easier, even fun.

  • Teeth brushing, bath taking, etc. are more fun when set to song.

  • Listen to music in the car.

  • Play music during playtime to set the mood.

  • Play musical games.


Find formal classes, groups, etc. in which your child can participate.

Attend concerts, symphonies, local performances or just watch musicians. Point them out to your children.

Turn up the radio and dance!

Show them your own love of music every day.

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