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Come on let's go! 


Susie Tallman and friends have been hard at work creating a wonderful new DVD that presents all the favorites – on screen! Come On, Let's Go! will guide children (and their parents) on a musical and visual journey. Susie Tallman's first DVD compiles 22 fun-filled music videos from the best of Children's Songs, Nursery Rhymes and Let's Go! Travel, Camp & Car Songs.

The full-length DVD offers all the musical brilliance and charm of Susie Tallman with lots of new faces and wonderful, imaginative places. Join Susie and her friends on a farm horsin' around, quack like ducks on a lake, jump on the bed with monkeys and eat cupcakes at a tea party. This DVD presents a whole new level of entertainment for fans of Susie Tallman and is sure to please children who have yet to meet her.


As with all Susie Tallman's music CDs, Come On, Let's Go! offers fresh, upbeat styles, real instruments, lots of voices, and interesting, inspired visual takes on the old favorites. Children will want to watch it again and again.

Brad Wolfley (animator, editor, director & producer) is an award-winning editor who has worked on projects for HBO, ESPN, MTV and Nickelodeon, as well as acclaimed documentary and narrative films. Charlie O’Dowd (line producer) has twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry, working on the management teams of numerous feature films shot in New Mexico and hundreds of high profile national commercials. Zane Barker (director) is an accomplished singer, actor and dancer, who began directing in the late 1990s and turned to video in 2007 by writing, directing and producing his first micro budget movie, The Vortex. Paige Thomas (director of photography) has shot four independent features and operated on major motion pictures such as Hilary Swank’s The Resident, Jennifer Lopez’s Border Town, Tilda Swinton’s The Deep End and Steve Buscemi’s Saint John of Las Vegas


Susie Tallman (singer & producer) has been making children's music since 1999 and has seven award-winning CDs that sell throughout the United States.

The team worked magic with the children, and together have created an amazing video to add to Susie’s CD collection.

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Video LIST

  1. Let's Go! 

  2. Sailor Went To Sea

  3. Bingo

  4. Monkeys On The Bed

  5. Five Little Ducks

  6. Betty Botter

  7. Hokey Pokey

  8. I'm A Little Teapot

  9. Old Family Toothbrush

  10. You Are My Sunshine

  11. I've Been Working On The Railroad   

  12. Five Speckled Frogs

  13. Hickory Dickory Dock

  14. Mary Had A Little Lamb

  15. Six Little Ducks

  16. Little Miss Muffet

  17. Skidamarink

  18. Big Rock Candy Mountain

  19. Old MacDonald

  20. Lavender's Blue

  21. Peter Piper

  22. Alphabet Song

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