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Who Stole the Moon

Children's Book/App

​Susie Tallman and Richard Pleasance teamed up with Windy Press Productions to contribute music for this wonderful children's story.  The book is so fun for kids--you can help Bertie find the moon.  You can listen to music, draw, turn lights on and off, make a puzzle and so much more.  You can find this on the app store.

  • Join Bertie on his quest to find the moon, with this charming bedtime story that will gently nurture your child’s imagination, and send them off into the magical world of dreams.

  • 8 original songs performed by award-winning American children’s singer Susie Tallman and well-known Australian musician Richard Pleasance.

  • Listen to a song, or sing yourself in karaoke mode!

  • 4 games: Catch The Dragonfly!, Coloring, Memory, Puzzles

  • This book is interactive! Touch and drag things across the screen.

"TWA is very impressed with the Windy Press Team. They certainly know their audience and have ART in the forefront, with the latest and greatest of mobile technology at the center of everything they do. Vlad Gerasimov is like a poet with his fabulous digital artwork. He claims his style developed itself, “I like to draw things that skip your brain and go straight to your heart.” Yuri Mezenko nails it when he says, “Six hundred years ago Gutenberg’s printing press changed the world. Now we are at the very beginning of the second publishing revolution.” True that!




Lite (Free) iPad App


Full iPad App


Lite (Free) iPhone App


Full iPhone App



  1. Golden Wish

  2. Hedgehog's Song

  3. Fox's Song

  4. Badger's Song

  5. Mole's Song

  6. Owl's Song

  7. Lullaby

  8. Treehouse - A Song For Parents

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