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Spanish Songs
for Children Learning Spanish

Winner Parents' Choice Gold Award 2019
Winner Creative Magazine CD of the Year 2019

Winner National Parenting Center 2019

Tallman’s latest album, Spanish Songs for Children Learning Spanish, breaks new ground in her delightful repertoire of children’s music enjoyed by the entire family. Twenty brand new sizzling tracks inspired by Latin-based cultures around the globe are sure to entertain new Spanish language learners. Easy-to-sing songs not only train the ear to recognize Spanish phonetics and basic vocabulary, but also encourage a relaxed and joyful approach to practicing foreign language. 
Peter Farnan, producer, known for his incredible songwriting as part of Boom Crash Opera and his solo work, plays most all of the instruments on the CD as well as co-writes several tracks with Susie.

The beautiful artwork on the album cover was painted by Irene Hardwick Olivieri.  Her incredible artwork can be found on most all of Susie's albums.



(click here to see and print lyrics; not all songs are literally translated in order to preserve musical integrity and provide lyrics more appealing to young learners.)

  1. Que Llueva

  2. Los Elefantes (Counting Song)

  3. Mamá Yo Quiero

  4. Me Gusta Tu Cara (Free Verse)

  5. La Tía Mónica

  6. La Bamba

  7. Pimpón

  8. El Alfabeto (ABC Song)

  9. Báte Báte Chocoláte (Rhyme)

  10. San Severino

  11. Canción De Color (Color Song) featuring Tom Petersson

  12. Arroz Con Leche

  13. Doce Meses (Months of the Year Song)

  14. De Colores

  15. Días De La Semana (Days of the Week Song)

  16. Flamenco featuring Vicente Griego

  17. Buenos Días (Greeting Song)

  18. La Cucaracha

  19. Una Rata Vieja

  20. Guantanamera

spanish songs for children larning spanish

Cover Painting by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri


Some of the singers from Corrales Elementary School


Susie Tallman

Please check the For Your Consideration page we had set up for inclusion of 'Spanish Songs' in the 2020 Grammys.

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