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We love rhymes! Our favorite nursery rhyme CD, Susie Tallman s Classic Nursery Rhymes, has been a huge hit with preschoolers, teachers and parents alike, so we d like to rave about Susie and her many wonderful CDs and her new DVD Come On Let's Go! Susie has invited her talented friends from across the world to join her in unique, fun versions of children s songs that will appeal to everyone...children, teachers, parents and grandparents...really, anyone who wants to shake their tail feathers and enjoy rhymes and music. --Nashville Public Library-Emily Bringing books to life

Classic Nursery Rhymes CD

SKU: 709363704623
  • Fresh Sounds, Classic Songs. Rock Me Baby Records continues to prove its dedication to children with its third album, 'Classic Nursery Rhymes' 2-6 year olds will sing, clap, and dance along to the 37 tracks on this album. Singable, upbeat, rhythmic, harmonious, sometimes silly, always beautiful, Susie Tallman and friends show us all what we love about nursery rhymes.

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