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Animal Songs is a knees-up new children's record by Susie Tallman that will delight and inspire the entire family. For over 30 witty fun-filled tracks, listeners re-discover beloved animal tunes in lively new arrangements. Songs are delivered in a humorous playful manner that engages children and parents on all levels of creativity. The playful symphony of guitars, ukuleles, train whistles, banjos, accordions, and even clanging spoons and good ole' people whistling, will delight and inspire all listeners. Animal Songs will march, pop, bounce, cucaracha, and energetically conga its way into the award-winning Rock Me Baby Collection; it is certain to become a family favourite. Animal Songs presents a whole new chapter of musical entertainment for fans of Susie Tallman, and is sure to please children and parents alike.

Animal Songs CD

SKU: 885767045637
  • Thirty-two songs, from playful to educational this music is mood-lifting memorable musical experience. Overall, this eighth record reflects Tallman's knack for stacking on the fun. Instrumentalized with get-you-moving guitar, accordions, train whistles, ukulele and banjo riffs, Animal Songs has the power to coax parents and littlest listeners onto the kitchen floor to bounce up and move to the freshest beat of familiar classics blown in from the music nostalgia vault. This crazy colorful music carousel spins a transfusion of energy into the family household or classroom, thereby setting the stage for a mood-lifting memorable musical experience. Children will want to listen again and again. Kate Jones, Journalist 2012

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