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This record is about the love of singing and singing with the people you love. For me, music and family have always been connected. I started singing with my family as a child and these songs help me maintain a connection to those happy childhood memories. My hope is that my albums can impart to families some of the same joy and love of music my family was so fortunate to share. These songs also help me keep my father, who I sang with ALL of the time, close to my heart. I miss you so much dad. This one’s for you.

Susie's newest album, Let's All Sing! is a joyful celebration where the silver meets the gold. New songs blend perfectly with those traditional favorites, where all will happily join the family collection. Let's All Sing! contains 16 delightful family friendly tracks with special guests from the Kindie Music World including Suzi Shelton, Scott Durbin, Brady Rymer and Vivian Fang Liu. 

Greg O'Connor, multi instrumentalist, producer and illustrator, known for being an original member of the Australian super group Boom Crash Opera, plays most all of the instruments on the CD as well as co-writes several tracks with Susie.

Marc Whitmore, Grammy winning producer and engineer is at the mixing and mastering helm.

Once again the unique cover artwork on the album was painted by Irene Hardwick Olivieri.  



(click here to see and print lyrics; 

1.  Garden of Sounds with Greg O’Connor

2.  The Crawdad Song with Scott Durbin

3.  King Kong Kitchie

4.  Pizza Pasta Opera with Vivian Fang Liu

5.  Liza Jane

6.  Gotta Give Love with Suzi Shelton

7.  This Land is Your Land

8.  The Green Grass Grows All Around

9.   My Aunt Came Back

10. Life Cycle with Shelly Ley

11. Take Me Out to the Ballgame with Michael Reilly Burke

12. Over the River and Through the Woods

13. Peace Like a River with Bianca Sings

14. Little Red Caboose with Brady Rymer

15. Catch A Falling Star

16. Che Che Koolay (Kye Kye Kule) with G Kobiana Nakigan


Cover Painting by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri


Greg O'Connor

IMG_4243 2.jpeg

Susie Tallman

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