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Letter to Parents from Susie

We know that times are tough right now and that everyone needs to be selective about how they are spending money. We also know that at times like these we are all feeling the need to get back to basics. We believe that music is fundamental to every child’s development and life. We encourage you to consider music – our music - when you are selecting a gift or product for your child.

At Rock Me Baby Records we do all that we can to be sure our product is a great value to you and your family. That’s why we provide over an hour of music, all the lyrics and recycled packaging. Not only will you enjoy the entertainment value of our CDs but the many benefits music offers. We thank you for your business and for supporting the arts as you develop your child!

Give Your Children a Musical Life

Susie TallmanSusie Tallman had been singing and performing professionally for many years when she discovered her current business calling while at a friends baby shower. She was holding two babies for a picture opportunity and the babies were growing fussy. When their fussiness escalated to all-out crying, Susie began to sing to them and as if on cue, both babies quietly turned to watch and listen. The other party attendants (particularly the babies’ mothers) were astounded. “You should record a CD for babies,” they all agreed. Susie did exactly that and Rock Me Baby Records was born.

Since beginning Rock Me Baby Records (six children’s music CDs and a child of her own later), Susie has given much attention to the impact music has on children. The benefits vary from simple and pure enjoyment to the more complex “Mozart Effect” that music appears to have on intelligence and learning. Among the many rewards that music offers children, there are four that have special meaning to Susie and Rock Me Baby Records:

  1. Music helps build self-esteem and self confidence

    Music and singing is a non-competitive activity that can be done alone or in groups and in which everyone can participate. This gives children an activity that can grow their self-esteem and self confidence.

  2. Music promotes communication, community, and culture through participation

    Music and singing allows an opportunity to bond with children; giving you a repertoire of songs and musical activities that you and your baby, toddler and/or young child can share. Entire families can participate and that music can become the soundtrack of your child’s life.

  3. Music engages all parts of the brain… and even the body

    Music participation encourages creativity and coordination, while listening requires attention and analysis. With music, children begin to learn language, counting, reading, and memorization. Engaging in musical movement – rocking, bouncing, dancing and otherwise moving to the music – gets children moving.

  4. Music and singing just makes you feel good!

    Music has the power to calm and heal, and be fun and joyful.


Music has the power to calm and heal the youngest of babiesMusic has the power to calm and heal the youngest of babies. For example, music has worked in therapies to help premature babies in their incubators, lowering heart rate and blood pressure and reducing the signs of distress they exhibit. Babies appear to love the patterns and rhythms of songs. Even the youngest babies can recognize specific melodies once they’ve heard them. As babies grow up, setting words to music actually helps the brain learn them more quickly and retain them for longer. That’s why as adults we remember the lyrics of songs we sang as young children, even if we haven’t heard the songs in years.

There are myriad studies available to support more formal theories that music has great benefits for children. Many parents are inspired by the “Mozart Effect” which touts the observation that study participants improve spatial temporal efficiency after listening to one of Mozart’s sonatas. Spatial-temporal agility is related to mathematical ability and aptitude. Apparently, listening to the complex musical structure of classical music “turns on” the spatial pathways of the brain, priming it to solve spatial and relational problems more efficiently. In other words, music primes the brain to learn. At a more basic level, listening to music can have positive effects on our moods that simply make learning easier.


Sing to your baby and with your toddler

What Can You Do as a Parent or Caregiver?

Play music for your baby.

Sing to your baby and with your toddler.

Offer your children a wide repertoire of music and encourage them to listen.

Let your children choose their favorites, but continue to introduce new and different genres and performers. Find musical opportunities in daily activities:

Clean-up songs make chores easier, even fun

Teeth brushing, bath taking, etc. are more fun when set to song

Listen to music in the car

Play music during playtime to set the mood

Play musical games

Find formal classes, groups, etc. in which your child can participate

Attend concerts, symphonies, local performances or just watch musicians. Point them out to your children.

Turn up the radio and dance!

Show them your own love of music every day.


Susie records music of quality for young children. It is her mission to provide music that is an alternative to the plethora of that genre offered commercially that is childish instead of child-like, sarcastic instead of sincere, a kind of music that fails to honor children and childhood. She is dedicated to excellence as she chooses materials that reflect traditional, heritage, and Classical forms, all performed artistically and in a beautifully natural style. In today's society, parents have often forgotten or lost the ability to share songs with their children. Here, they have a wonderful model and a way to give their children a repertoire and vocabulary to accompany their journey through their very important formative years.

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Celebrity Baby Blog

Susie Tallman's Let's Go! - Travel, Camp and Car Songs CD

Let's Go!I am the kind of person who keeps one cd in her player for months and months. Usually its something kid-oriented, as my almost two year old son Ben loves music. Right now, we are grooving to Susie Tallman's Let's Go - Travel, camp and Car songs cd. As a long term summer camp person (I'm an active alumni of Surprise Lake Camp), I loved the songs. Memories of singing these songs around the campfire hit me as we listened to this cd.

We really enjoyed Susie's songs. We had sang some of these songs to Ben, so he recognized them when we played the cd. Don't miss her "On Top of Spaghetti" (which my in laws always sing to him), "Going On a Bear Hunt" (we also have a book with this), "Oh Susanna", "You Are My Sunshine" (which I always sang to him a little baby), "Boom Chicka Boom", and "Ain't Going to Rain no More". We also loved her version of "Blowing in the Wind". Her arrangements were modern and her voice soothing. We liked her other songs too (there are 26 in total) and happily listened to this for hours and hours.

We recommend this cd - you'll find you know more of these songs than you realize and have fun singing along!! This is Susie's 6th cd for Rock Me Baby Records. She lives in Albequerque, New Mexico with her husband and baby daughter Tessa.

by Nancy, CBB Senior Reviewer (August 21, 2007)

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Mommies with Style

The MSW Fall Shopping Guide

Let's Go!Songs that make you want to hit the road singing!

Are you headed out of town this holiday week or later this summer? Do you wax nostalgic about all those roadtrips of your youth when you belted out songs from the back of the station wagon, windows open to catch a breeze as you cruised on down the highway to the lake/camp/cabin/beach house?

Now you can recapture some of that summer spirit with the CD Compilation "Let's Go - Travel, Camp and Car Songs" by Susie Tallman and Friends from Rock Me Baby Records.

This collection is jam packed with all the classic kid songs - from Oh Susanna and On Top of Spaghetti, to Goin' on a Bearhunt and even Blowin' in the Wind. The arrangements are catchy and kitschy without being cloying or cutesy, which is a good thing. Because when my husband and I are doing our best impression of a couple of opera virtuosos performing Where oh Where has my Little Dog Gone, there is no extra room for cutesy in the car.

Leave the DVDs in the trunk when you travel this summer and pop this CD into the car CD player instead. You'll be surprised and your kids will be impressed by how you still know all the words to every song.

by Ciaran on July 2, 2007

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