Rock Me Baby Records Green Statement

Rock Me Baby Records Green Statement (2008)

Rock Me Baby Records uses 100% recycled paper for our booklets and recycled cardboard cases for each CD in our collection. Not only do the recycled cardboard cases help the environment, they also look great, won’t break in transit and weigh less. To help us move our communications from paper to electronic mail and newsletters, please send your email address to us at Our music is 100% organic – good for growing children & our planet.


Fujifilm Sericol USA, Inc. CPSIA Compliance

Fujifilm Sericol USA, Inc. certifies that our optical media screen printing inks, including the DVD, AR, OM and OF series, have been formulated to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) Section 101 Children's Products Containing Lead... read more


Bayer MaterialScience Makrolon® CPSIA Compliance

Bayer MaterialScience Makrolon® resins meet the limit requirements, effective February 10, 2009 for lead, heavy metals, and phthalate substances under the following CPSIA and ASTM section... read more


Cinram CPSIA Compliance

GENERAL CONFORMITY CERTIFICATE: Pursuant to §14(g) of the Consumer Product Safety Act, 15 U.S.C. §2063(g), the parties identified in box 3 hereby certify, based on a reasonable testing program (and third party testing, as applicable), that the products identified in box 1 comply with each rule, ban, standard or regulation identified in box 2. read more

ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE POLICY: It is the intent of the board of trustees (the "Board") that Cinram International Income. Fund and its subsidiaries ("Cinram") be brought into compliance with such... read more

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